Founder Stories: Homestars – The Founder Journey

Our Director of Marketing, Katie Paterson, sat down with Nancy Peterson, Founder and CEO of HomeStars, to see what motivated her to leave a career in large corporations and start her own company.

KP: What inspired you to start Homestars?

NP: I was on maternity leave and was doing renovations on our 50-year old house. Throughout the process which turned into months, I stepped back and realized how hard it was for homeowners to find reputable trades. I started the company in 2006. At the time, there was nothing for homeowners to find contractors, so I started this journey as an exciting opportunities to really help homeowners connect with the best contractors in Canada.

KP: So what does HomeStars do?

NP: The problem that HomeStars is solving is really, who do you hire? HomeStars fills a void by helping homeowners hire the best home professional through our rich depth of homeowner reviews.

KP: As the founder, what obstacles do you face?

NP: When you look back on your journey of starting a company, there’s always a million things that pop into your head of the various obstacles that arise. I think the biggest obstacles are really building a team and evolving that team over time. The hardest thing as you grow a business is really building and motivating the best leaders of the organization and developing their skills and creating that environment. The second thing and also highly important is having the right resources, particularly financing.

KP: Tell me what your funding journey has looked like.

NP: The funding journey has been an interesting one, and as I’m sure anybody that’s working on their business right now can appreciate. I was quite fortunate to have a venture capitalist give us a term sheet and also required that another second venture capitalist went in with them and co-invested. That round didn’t close, but I was able to leverage that term sheet and close an angel round at a nice evaluation. We reached a nice inflation point where we did a loan with Espresso Capital. That allowed us to raise money without diluting ourselves. That was a nice turn for us as a company.

KP: How did you come across Espresso Capital?

NP: I was introduced to Alkarim, who recommend a CFO. That was a pivotal hire for us. I am still working with my CFO today that Espresso had recommended.

Working with Espresso has been the best experiences I’ve had in working with any group, whether they be angels or banks, which is the current experience that I have. They really want to help not just in providing the financial support, but also what type of problems that you have.

KP: What are you excited about moving forward?

NP: We’ve had a major milestone in our growth cycle. We’ve been growing rapidly, double-digits over the last few years. What’s really exciting and a validation of our growth and success is that we’ve been acquired by HomeAdvisor, the number one source in the United States for also connecting homeowners with the best contractors.

KP: What has been a major takeaway for you building HomeStars?

NP: When you start a business, you have it in your mind where the end goal is. It’s never exactly the way you plan it. I think one of the biggest realizations for me is it is a journey, and try to remember that there’s going to be so many changes to what you think is going to happen and it doesn’t happen. Just try to enjoy that journey and try to remember the difficult times; try to remember all the wins and successes you’ve had.

KP: So do you have any advice to incoming founders?

NP: I would say if you’re really thinking about starting a business, it’s scary. I was scared out of my mind jumping into that deep end. Just do it. You’ll never regret starting a business ever. Even if it doesn’t go as planned and you decide that it’s not for you, it’ll open more doors, so, go for it!

Keep a look out for our next edition of the Founder Stories Series. If you know a great founder who should be featured, contact Katie Paterson at

Study Finds Gender Disparity in Canadian Tech

A recent study examined the current position of women in Canadian tech and innovation, aiming to draw attention to the disparity between men and women in the industry. Research has found companies who have women represented on executive teams perform better. Despite this, only 13 percent of tech companies’ executive teams comprise of women.

“Where’s the Dial Now”, co-authored by #movethedial, MaRS, and PwC Canada, analyzed 933 Canadian tech companies, highlighting the gender gaps found.

“[T]his report will serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and help us all commit to creating a diverse, inclusive and unstoppable tech community.” – Jodi Kovitz, founder of #movethedial.


Women With STEM Degrees

In 2010, women comprised approximately 56% of Canadian university graduates. However, there are significantly less women graduating from STEM degrees, making up only 30% of degrees. The lack of interest in tech for girls is a concern for many countries, including the US and the UK. A survey by PwC UK found 20% of girls were uninterested in the industry for it’s male-dominated culture.


Women in the Workforce

A 2016 Catalyst report found 53% of women working in tech leave the industry. The representation of women in executive positions are at significantly low numbers, with only 5% of tech companies in Canada with a female co-founder.

A MaRS survey found we are slowly moving in the right direction, with a growing number of female executives in startups. However, women only account for 15.8% of C-suite positions and 14.3% of founders or co-founders.

“At the end of the day, we’re all equal. We all deserve similar opportunities, and it’s a matter of getting to a place where we have the diversity of skills, diversity of culture and diversity of gender at the table. This will allow us to make good decisions to grow our business, grow our economy and grow ourselves. That’s the bottom line.” – Michelle Scarborough, BDC.

Only 14% of companies with female executives also have a founder who is a woman. Female CEO’s represent 12% of companies who have women on the executive team, but companies without any female representation at the executive level had a female CEO. A staggering 53% of Canadian tech companies have no female executives at all, and 73% have none on the board. Having women on the executive team has a trickle-down effect on the company, increasing the overall percentage of women in the company.

Promoting Women in Tech

There are many organizations who are making an active effort to get girls involved in tech at an early age, including Ladies Learning Code and its youth branch, Girls Learning Code. Ladies Learning Code is a program for women interested in computer programming and gaining technical skills. “It’s also about educating young women and girls on various jobs they could have in tech, and talking to them about the investment side of tech,” explains Whitney Rockley, a sponsor of Ladies Learning Code.

Through greater education, a network of support, and strong role models, more girls will gain interest in STEM-related degrees. A great way to get involved is in the form of mentorship and support, providing a “road map for other women to follow in their footsteps.” We need to encourage and support women to feel comfortable enough to succeed. Janet Bannister, General Partner at Real Ventures, shares how VC’s are actively seeking women entrepreneurs to fund. “[F]or women who want to build their own tech business or pursue a career in tech, they should absolutely go for it; they should pursue their dreams and they can definitely be successful.”

Women and men are equally qualified, and should be given the same opportunities. The tech industry is growing rapidly, and we cannot keep half of the population on the sidelines. We must support and encourage the women in our networks, advancing women in the tech community.






If you’re in SaaS, you’ll want to be in Ottawa November 29-30 for SAAS NORTH. Now in its second year,  the event — featuring 70 speakers and 400 companies — is an epic undertaking to connect and scale up the Canadian SaaS ecosystem.

“SaaS is playing a big role  in the Canadian tech ecosystem, and SAAS NORTH aims to connect the Canadian SaaS ecosystem, including investors, companies, founders, service providers, marketing and sales, C-suite and senior leadership,” says Meena Sandhu, SAAS NORTH Conference Director.

“We look forward to getting everyone under one roof and working together to scale up SaaS in Canada and around the world. We want our attendees to walk away with actionable content and stronger, better networks.”

Attendees from Shopify, Microsoft, Zapier, HubSpot, Price Intelligently, Influitive, 500 Startups, MaRS, OMERS, Unbounce, Buffer, PageCloud,  and Klipfolio have already signed up for this year’s event.

“I was impressed by the quality of the event and the pedigree of the attendees in 2016,” said Bruce Croxon, Former Dragon, now with Round 13 Capital. “I am very much looking forward to round 2.”

“Espresso is excited to continue our sponsorship of SAAS NORTH for a second year. This year we are looking forward to participating in the conversation on how we can build an ecosystem in Canada that supports the growth of SaaS companies and continue to see larger exits north of the US” said Katie Paterson, Director of Marketing, Espresso Capital.

“If you are a founder, investor or interested in SaaS, SAAS NORTH is the conference for you,” said Tobi Lütke, CEO and founder of Shopify and a lead sponsor for this year’s event. “I look forward to seeing what’s in store for 2017.”

There’s no question SAAS NORTH is shaping up to be the place to be for Canada’s SaaS community. Espresso is excited to provide a discounted rate to this year’s event – click here for a 30% discount on tickets.  

We’ve also pulled together this definitive guide to help you get the most out of SAAS NORTH. See you there!

November 29th

SAAS NORTH Day 1 features an invite-only investor breakfast, kickoff keynotes from Microsoft, The Boardlist, and Round 13 Capital, and 30-minute breakout sessions on the following topics:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer success
  • Product
  • Pricing
  • Metrics
  • Investing and fundraising
  • HR and culture

The day’s program also includes curated talks, AMAs, roundtables, and networking, followed by a party at The National Gallery.

In addition, SAAS North’s roster of speakers demonstrates a commitment to showcase more women in tech. Here are just a few names to get excited about: Sukhinder Singh Cassidy of The Boardlist; April Dunford, startup advisor, entrepreneur and angel investor; Becky Finley of Facebook; Jessica Galang of BetaKit; Meghan Herman from Shopify; Lily Jamali of Bloomberg Markets Canada; Krista Jones, MaRS; Jennifer Li, Musefind; Leen Li, Wealthsimple; Ria Lupton, SheWorks; and media personality Amber Mac.



What:  A fully loaded marketing stack: must-have tools and resources and the roles you need on your marketing team.
When: 10:15-10:45am

Featuring: Arati Shah, Director of Marketing, Shopify; Jennifer Li, CEO/Founder, Musefind; Ali Tajsekandar, Founder & CEO, Wishpond. Moderated by Kristy Sadler, CMO, Eventmobi.

(more info)



What:  Money talks: from seed through to series A,B,C.  Hear from angels, micro VCs, VCs, and alternative lenders.
When: 11:05am-11:35am

Everybody, well nearly everybody, is looking for funding. Understand all the options available for funding for a SaaS company, from VCs to alternative lenders. Which situations are for which type of funding? Is there a general rule book? Learn about what you need to know to make the right funding decisions for your business. Featuring: Alkarim Jivraj, President and CEO, Espresso Capital; Lauren Robinson, COO, Highline BETA; and Michelle Scarborough, Managing Director, Strategic Investments, and Women in Tech, BDC. Moderated by Mike Woollatt, CEO, CVCA.
(more info)


What:  The API economy: platform ecosystems build better businesses
When: 2:20-2:50pm

Featuring: Zapier. In 2017, more CIOs/ CTOs will be measured on how many business models and platforms they create than ever before. APIs are fuelling this change.

(more info)

November 30th

SAAS NORTH returns to talk metrics, growth, valuation, bootstrapping, retention, and what it takes to build strong SaaS brands. The program will cover the ins and outs of pricing and product value, along with everything you need to know about bots in SaaS on Facebook and Slack. Day 2 will also feature a keynote from Oli Gardner, Co-Founder at Unbounce, who has likely seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet.



What: Mastering the sales trifecta: inbound, outbound, and customer success. You can’t have one without the others.
When: 10:10-10:40am

Featuring: Hubspot. Are your teams all talking to each other? Are strategies aligned? Are they supporting one another or competing? Understand the fine balance of inbound, outbound, and customer success. This trio can work wonders when it’s synchronized or wreak havoc when it’s not.

(more info)


What: SaaSenomics 2: Cash flow, understanding the time and process you need to go through to start making a return on your investment
When: 11:45am-12:15pm

Featuring: Craig Fitzpatrick, CEO, PageCloud Allan Wille, President and CEO, Klipfolio. Moderated by Anastasia Valentine, Chief Marketing Officer, Versature.

(more info)


What: SAAS NORTH Welcome Reception
When: November 28, 2017, 6-9pm
Where: Sidedoor, 18 York Street b, Ottawa

Grab a drink and meet 400 of your SaaS friends at this popular opening party. Last year’s event sold out!
more info

What: Invite-only Investor Breakfast
When: November 29, 2017, 7:30-9am
Where: Secret location

This year, SAAS NORTH opens with an invite-only Investor Breakfast, billed as a more intimate networking opportunity for tech-focused VCs, angel investors, and entrepreneurs. Think you should be there? Want an invite? State your case:

What: SaaS Party of the Year
When: November 29, 2017, 6:30-10pm
Where: The National Gallery of Canada, 380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa

Get your SaaS swank on at The National Gallery. This is the 2nd annual SAAS NORTH party.

A Final Note: As SAAS NORTH enters its second year, it is paramount for the tech community to show up. Collectively we can generate Canada’s playbook for scaling a SaaS company.  Claim your spot: use the special Espresso Capital 30% off discount and get your tickets.  


Espresso Named Most Active Investor in H1 2017 by CVCA

The following is an excerpt from an article published by the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.


When Espresso Capital Ltd. opened its doors in 2009, on the heels of the global financial crisis, its main business was providing tax credit financing at a time when traditional lending options had dried up.
The Toronto-based company has since evolved to become a full-service venture debt firm with a focus on what it sees as the underserved market of startup loans below $5M.

Espresso has invested nearly $200M in loans to date to more than 200 companies and has about 50 companies in its current portfolio, many of which are repeat customers. Its customer list includes a number of successful companies such as Hootsuite in its early days, as well as HomeStars, Recon Instruments and Wolf Medical Systems.

Jivraj says the company’s goal is to grow its loan portfolio to $300M and 150 companies by 2020. It’s well on its way: Espresso Capital was ranked the most active investor in the first half of 2017, based on deal flow. It did 49 deals and invested $31M invested in the first two quarters of the year.

One of those ICT companies is Toronto-based Strongpoint, an automated documentation and change management company, which received additional financing from Espresso Capital in the spring. Strongpoint was founded in 2013 and was bootstrapped until September 2016, when it secured a $1.1M credit facility from Espresso Capital. That was topped up to $3M in May by Espresso Capital, which is the company’s main lender. Strongpoint president Mark Walker says the financing has helped it grow the business from nine employees to more than 30 today as a well as to beef up its platforms and partnerships with companies such as cloud computing giant Salesforce. The financing model also allows the founders to retain ownership of their company.

SendtoNews Video, which distributes and monetizes exclusive sports video content, also turned to Espresso in the first half of the year to help finance its future. “We’re in a massive growth phase,” says Matthew Watson, Chair and CEO of the company, which has offices in New York and Victoria, B.C. (SendtoNews is the second-largest provider of digital sports highlights in the U.S. and the largest in Canada, according to ComScore). “Espresso came in with funding to fuel our growth and assist us through the lumpy periods,” he says. The loan will also allow the company to more aggressively pursue revenue and content partners. Until this financing, the SendtoNews Video was largely bootstrapped. The company hasn’t received funding elsewhere. “They gave us everything we needed,” he says of the Espresso loan.

Jivraj says Espresso’s financing solutions bridge the gap between equity and traditional sources of debt financing. Espresso’s loans finance recurring revenues, accounts receivable and other working capital items, including research and development investments, which turn into SR&ED refunds. Revenue financing accounts for about 60% of its loan portfolio.

The company’s average loan size today is about $1M and Jivraj says its goal is to double than in the next few years.
“Our view of success isn’t how many home runs we back, it’s how much wealth we help to create,” he says. “We want to help entrepreneurs create personal wealth.”
To read more about venture capital activity in the first half of 2017, read the full CVCA H1 2017 VC & PE Canadian Market Overview here.

Espresso Capital Joins Elevate Toronto Tech Festival

Espresso Capital Joins Elevate Toronto Tech Festival

Earlier this week, Elevate Toronto announced their plan to host a 3-day tech festival which will showcase the Toronto tech community and focus on three values: Diversity is our Strength, Disrupt Together, It’s Our Time. In front of a crowd of over 250 people at the Horizons Restaurant atop the CN Tower, Mayor John Tory shared his support of this new initiative. “Toronto is becoming a global centre for innovation and technology,” said Tory, who believes the city should be the home of disrupters.

Espresso Capital is excited to be the producing sponsor for the King West Social. Elevate attendees will experience the King West district and connect over cocktails and conversation during the Wednesday night event.

“Creating a social space along King Street West is the perfect platform where we will continue conversations from the day, connect with the community, and celebrate innovation here in Toronto,” said Katie Paterson, Director of Marketing at Espresso Capital. 

Celebrating Toronto’s commitment to tech with the announcement of #ElevateToronto, the newest tech conference coming to our city.

— John Tory (@JohnTory)

“Toronto is an amazing city and is incredibly well positioned to capitalize on the current wave of emerging technology,” said Razor Suleman, CEO of Elevate Toronto.

Get an Early Access Pass – for FREE!

Elevate Toronto is offering complimentary passes for those who demonstrate the Elevate Toronto values. Learn more here.

Get Involved!

If you want to get involved in Elevate Toronto – please reach out to Katie Paterson at – all ideas are welcome! Let’s work together to make Elevate Toronto the biggest Tech Festival in North America.

About Elevate Toronto

Elevate Toronto is a non-profit organization led by TechToronto, MaRS, #movethedial, OneEleven, Cossette Communications and the Spotlight Awards, in partnership with the City of Toronto. It is a collaboration between 17 technology organizations which came together to create a three-day festival. It aims to be a world-class innovation festival where people from around the globe can discover, connect, and be inspired by the individuals shaping what’s next in Toronto. The conference is set to take place from September 12th to 14th in Toronto.


May 5, 2017

We recently asked our Director of Western Canada, Caterina Papadakos, to talk about her career highlights and what prompted her to join the Espresso team. Here’s what she had to say.

Tell us about your experience prior to Espresso Capital.

I grew up in Toronto but I actually started my career overseas at the European Parliament in Brussels. Living in Europe and exploring the region in my mid-20’s was incredible. I was then drawn to Vancouver in 2007 for the west coast lifestyle – a great city and all the world class outdoor activities I could handle. It was a perfect fit for me as I had been a professional white water river guide during the summers during my undergrad, and I love snowboarding and hiking in the mountains!

One of the more unique jobs I’ve had was with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (VANOC). I managed the Cypress Mountain Media Centre which had non-stop action because the venue had to ship in snow by helicopter due to a random February heatwave, and we hosted lots of Canada’s gold medal performances!

Then, while completing a MBA at UBC I worked at Trade and Invest BC helping local companies, many in the tech sector, with their export development and investment attraction strategies. Most recently I held the role of Director, Technology and Innovation at BMO where I had the opportunity to lead the bank’s technology sector coverage in Vancouver. I worked with a portfolio of tech companies, creating new financing and banking solutions for them.

Why did you decide to join Espresso Capital?

I love working with entrepreneurs in the tech and innovation community. I really enjoy hearing their story and seeing how we can help them reach their goals with founder friendly growth capital.

I also moved to Espresso because I believe in our team, which has an impressive combination of senior level experience in finance including investment banking and venture capital, as well as experience with growing successful tech companies. Many of our clients have said that working with our team provides great value beyond the capital due to the advice and network we provide.

What are your short-term goals/priorities?

Since joining Espresso, I’ve made an effort to travel to different cities in Western Canada to get to know the key players in each market and to let them know about our offering. It’s a balance between supporting our existing portfolio of clients and bringing on new companies that could benefit from flexible growth capital. I’m very committed to being an active member of the tech community, and I enjoy participating in local tech panels and events whenever possible.

How do you see technology changing/shaping in the west coast of Canada?

In Western Canada, in addition to our thriving tech hubs, we also see a lot of great tech companies innovating some of the more traditional sectors like mining, oil and gas, and agriculture. Technology will continue to permeate every industry whether a company develops a technology solution for their clients, or a company becomes more tech enabled to run their business more efficiently. It is exciting to see traditional industries transform and Canadian companies being recognized as industry leaders.

What do you think is the most exciting trend in happening in Canada?

I think it is exciting to see young founders successfully building and scaling businesses in a very short period of time and creating corporate cultures that their staff are genuinely passionate about. It’s also exciting to see new tech hubs popping up, proving that you can build and scale great tech companies without having to move to a major urban centre. We have a great support system in Canada through the accelerators, industry associations, investors, mentors and government programs to help make these success stories possible.

What is your caffeinated beverage of choice?

Americano – black.


April 28, 2017

The Inaugural Spotlight Speaker Series

Espresso Capital was excited to host the first Spotlight Speaker Series with Razor Suleman featuring Michael Hyatt, co-founder of BlueCat. The event brought together some of Toronto’s most prominent technology founders and entrepreneurs at the BrightLane office earlier this week. With Hyatt in the hot seat, the event took a deep dive into the mind of the entrepreneur to uncover real truths and lessons.

“We need to have founders talk and be united, and be honest about how difficult the startup journey is.” – Razor Suleman, founder of Achievers and Espresso Capital board member.

The Hot Seat


Michael Hyatt is a Toronto tech entrepreneur and CBC business commentator on the Dragon’s Den spin-off, Next Gen Den. Along with his brother, Richard Hyatt, Michael has completed two successful exits as majority owner. Most recently, Michael and his brother sold BlueCat Networks to an American private equity firm for $400 million. Michael discussed his opinion on venture capital financing and his choice to fire himself from his own company.

“You want to do the right things for your staff. Maybe the right thing to do is fire yourself. I want to find people who are better than me to replace me.” – Michael Hyatt

Michael’s advice for entrepreneurs? Diet, sleep, and exercise. The path of an entrepreneur is not easy, so it is important to look after both physical and mental health.

Tweetable Takeaways


Thank you to our community partners BetaKit, BrightLane, Spotlight Awards, and The Upside Foundation. Check out our blog on how Espresso Capital’s Alkarim Jivraj is giving back through The Upside Foundation.

See you next time!

Please join us for the next Spotlight Speaker Series on May 24th at the OneEleven building. Keep an eye out, as we will be releasing the speaker information and link to register soon.


Author: Jessica Ng, Analyst


The Upside Foundation of Canada is excited to announce a partnership with Espresso Capital. Espresso Capital provides founder friendly capital to technology companies across Canada. Since its inception in 2009, Espresso has funded over $170 million in startup lines of credit and growth capital to over 225 companies.

Espresso is committed to giving back to the community. Alkarim Jivraj, President and CEO of Espresso Capital, has donated 1% of his Espresso holdings to the Upside Foundation.

“Canada is a great place for startups. We benefit from world-class education and health care, not to mention generous taxpayer funded assistance to support technology development and commercialization. I think we have an obligation to give back. Upside offers a unique model to give back using shares. Think of it as entrepreneurial social responsibility” said Alkarim.

As part of the partnership, Espresso will work with the Upside Foundation to increase awareness and support of the Upside Foundation 150X150: Turn Equity Into Charity campaign. Upside is aiming to increase their membership to 150 companies by the end of the year, in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Espresso joins HubbaWealthsimpleWattpad, and over 86 other companies in this challenge.

“We are very excited to add Espresso Capital to the network of companies supporting the Upside Foundation,”, says Rob Antoniades, Co-Founder and General Partner at Information Venture Partners and Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Upside Foundation. “And are pleased to welcome Alkarim Jivraj, Espresso’s visionary CEO, to the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and thank him for his personal commitment to share the upside from his ownership of Espresso shares.”

About The Upside Foundation

The Upside Foundation is a registered charity that provides an innovative philanthropy platform to enable Canadian startups and high-growth companies to give back by donating equity – “Sharing the Upside”. Companies pledge warrants or stock options, which are then converted into cash and donated to the selected registered Canadian charity after a liquidity event (I.e. IPO, acquisition).

For more information, please email or check out the website at


April 10, 2017

The Espresso Capital team had a great time at Troughs and Triumphs last week, hosted by Influitive. Mark Organ, Influitive founder and CEO, began the evening event attributing part of his success to meeting and listening to “experienced practitioners and leaders.” The panel consisted of some of Toronto’s top SaaS executives, including Steve Woods, Ashira Gobrin, and Razor Suleman. Together they discussed the “troughs and triumphs” of their journeys and how they would do things differently if they were to do it again.

Lessons learned from the panelist:

Steve Woods is the founder and CTO at Nudge Software, based in Toronto. An engineer by training, Steve became the Group Vice President of Software Development at Oracle before joining Nudge. Steve advised the crowd that there is a “certain point where there is no return, and that is where you want to reach.”

“Embrace darkness and fear; refuse to stop moving forward.” – Steve Woods

Ashira Gobrin is SVP of people and Culture at Wave HQ, a software for small businesses to track and handle money. Ashira discussed the importance of human capital, and incorporating trust and transparency in the workplace in order to foster good morale. She also shared some ways to balance work and home life, hers being sacrifice and compromise.

“Customers can often articulate what the problem is; the smartest are those that listen.” – Ashira Gobrin

Razor Suleman founded Achievers, a cloud-based platform which helps align company and employee values through employee recognition. Razor shared his incredible journey, explaining how “startup life is all about perspective”. A piece of advice he shared with the founders in the room was to engage in debt-financing, and strike the healthy balance between equity and debt.

“Know your three priorities for the day. Find a way to cut the noise and focus on the signals.” – Razor Suleman

Tweetable takeaways:

We would like to thank Influitive for hosting a great event which brought the Toronto tech community together for an evening of insightful conversations.


The technology industry is growing fast, and the demand for this knowledge continues to rise. Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, stressed that “computer science and computing skills are a critical path to success in today’s economic landscape.” However, female representation in the technology sector is at staggering low numbers.









As of 2015, women make up only 12% of practicing licensed engineers and 8% of software developers. The percentage of women pursuing computer science degrees dropped from 37% in 1984 to 18% today. Although women make up approximately half of the Canadian workforce, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) found women hold only a quarter of the communication and information technology jobs, and just 5% of leadership positions in technology.

“Women remain dramatically underrepresented in technology fields. They’re missing out on opportunities and the world is missing out on their ideas,” according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at the Governor’s’ Summit in San Francisco earlier this year. It is important to provide women with the opportunities to learn and explore careers in tech, through education, events, and mentorship. WinTech’s Women In Tech week starts on February 27th. Through a series of events and activities, WinTech aims to recognize women tech leaders and empower others in the industry.

Women in Tech with Espresso Capital 


In light of Women In Tech week, Espresso Capital has reflected upon our own clients and would like to recognize and thank our women founders and leaders. Earlier this month, past Espresso client HomeStars, a platform which connects homeowners with service providers, was acquired by HomeAdvisors, an IAC company. HomeStars was founded in 2006 by Nancy Peterson to help homeowners make the best hiring decisions in regards to home improvement. The acquisition of HomeStars strengthens HomeAdvisor’s North American presence in the home service digital marketplace. HomeStars will join one of the largest marketplaces in this industry, and further transform how homeowners connect with home service providers. We are very excited for Nancy and look forward to see what is to come.

Women founded or co-founded companies represent almost 10% of total companies funded by Espresso Capital, a number we would like to see grow materially this year, and in the future.

Find an event near you


Monday: Diversity in Tech and Design

Tuesday: Is Web Dev The Right Career For You?

Women in Tech Toronto: Networking and Panel Discussion

Wednesday: Analytics and Data Visualization

Women in Tech Book Club Meetup

Social Media: The Future of Women in Tech

Thursday: Resume and LinkedIn Building

March 6th: SheEO Summit


Monday: Breakfast Kickoff: Bringing Out The Big Guns

Tuesday: Incubating The Next Techstars

Women, Wine, & Tech @ IQmetrix

Wednesday: Taking Charge of Tech: Tech Summit

Thursday: Women in Tech Awards Soiree

Friday: VANTEC Women’s Pitch Night

Saturday: Catch the Bug

Sunday: IDance: Women in Tech Girl Power Cardio


For more information about each event or events in Regina, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Denver, and Boston, visit


Author: Jessica Ng, Financial Analyst