To help improve your hiring effectiveness, we’re giving away 200 hardcover copies of the bestselling classic Who: The A Method for Hiring by Geoff Smart and Randy Street.

The authors have advised CEOs and executive teams for over 15 years and the book’s research is based on 1,300 hours of interviews with more than 20 billionaires and 300 CEOs. The book offers simple steps for finding the right talent at the right time for the right job. You’ll learn how to navigate the four areas where hiring failure often occurs:

  • Lack of clarity on the job requirements;
  • Weak flow of suitable candidates;
  • Inability to identify the best candidate from a group of similar looking candidates; and
  • Inability to convince the desired candidate to join your firm.

The authors demonstrate how achieving success with their method depends on breaking bad habits they term “voodoo hiring”, and maintaining a laser focus to find “A” players using the “A Method.” The “A Method” is comprised of:

  • A hiring scorecard that sets out the outcomes and competencies of a job well done;
  • Strategies for sourcing suitable candidates;
  • How to gather the relevant facts needed to make an informed decision in accordance with the hiring scorecard; and
  • Advice on how to persuade suitable candidates to join your team.

The book is well written, and includes many anecdotes of the “A Method” in action. One of my favourites is an excerpt of an interview with a sales executive who was let go by a former employer for what the sales executive initially described as “philosophical disagreement.” By repeatedly asking the question “tell me more,” the interviewer discovers that the candidate was actually fired for insulting the CEO in front of the company’s board of directors. But the story does not end there. The interviewer’s continued probing reveals that upon hearing that he was being fired, the sales executive physically abused the CEO, resulting in termination for cause and the loss of $3 million in options!

At Espresso, we regularly hand out copies of Who to visiting customers and prospects – generally to rave reviews. One recent prospect (now a customer) read it cover to cover over a weekend and immediately ordered copies for her entire staff of 30!

Summer is a great time to sink your teeth into a great book and we stocked up on 200 copies of Who just for the occasion. To receive your complementary copy, please email Andrea Russell at with your full name, company name and mailing address. Be warned – she might attempt to extract explicit consent to add you to our electronic communication list (if you haven’t already consented).

Happy future hiring!

Kerri Henneberry is an expert in media finance strategy and partnerships. She works as a consultant for Espresso Capital.